Amulet _6card
부적 6종

의뢰주:   버금
디자인:   버금
결과물:   부적카드 / 한글, 영문

205X320mm / 포토샵, 페인터로 작업

Client :   Vergum
Design :   Vergum
Product:   Amulet / Korean, English

205X320mm / Photoshop, Painter digital work

In korea there are many amulet. When Someone had some wish, they buy an amulet card that was painted by monk. and It have a Pattern. This works is recreation from shape of that pattern by modern art.
I show you 6works here. all of them has each meaning
학업성취부 means wish to study well / 안산성취부 means wish to delivery baby well / 삼재팔난부 means wish to avoid from 3disaster and 8difficulty / 득재부 means wish to make money well / 도적방지부 means wish to protection from thieves /
관재구설부 means wish to protection from bad luck or evil.